Four years ago, there were two young cute children who were very close to each other. During those childhood days, they always play, eat, and study together. In fact, other people see them as a perfect young couple. The boy, whose name is Jerrick is a common people. He is not so into studies; therefore, he is not that smart but he is friendly and highly – sociable. The other child is a girl named Cheeckee. She is an opposite of Jerrick when it comes to attitude. She likes studying, making her to be a brilliant girl, though she’s a shy type of person and afraid to mingle with others.

One day, after their graduation from elementary, Jerrick meets Cheeckee at the school park, where they usually hang out. They are sitting at the bench as they watching the tree dancing to the wind in front of them. “Cheeckee, I have something to tell you.” Jerrick breaks the silence. “Me too.” Cheeckee quickly respond as she turned her head to Jerrick. “I spent a night thinking how am I suppose to tell you this… Jerrick, we’re leaving this afternoon to Manila. My dad wants me to continue my studies there. I hate to say this… but good bye.” Cheeckee quickly kiss Jerrick on his cheek and after that she ran away crying, trying to ignore her astonished best friend. Jerrick was left in shocked. He couldn’t even say to Cheeckee what he wanted to say. He just couldn’t tell her that he already loves her. After his best friend left him, he became known for his being silent and aloof.

After four years, Jerrick enrolled at Saint Louis University (SLU). Though he is undecided on what course he will pursue, he tried his luck in taking up engineering course. Unfortunately, he is a late enrollee and most of his subjects are already close. He has no choice but to cross enroll all of it to a pharmacy course. Unknown to him, Cheecky also enroll at SLU and is taking up Pharmacy.

It is the first day of classes. As Jerrick enters the room for his first class, he is very surprised to see a girl that is very familiar to him. She was Cheeckee. He is stunned at the doorway looking to Cheeckee. She became more beautiful and matured – looking. Cheeckee suddenly notices him and stared to him carefully. She is also surprised to see Jerrick standing in the doorway. They stared each other for a while. After some time, Cheeckee shows a smile. Jerrick wants to do the same and hug her but the past stroke him hard on his heart. He still can’t forget that the girl he loves left him alone and the worst broke his heart. He ignores Cheeckee and walks ahead of her, pretending that he didn’t know her. Cheeckee bows her head in guilt. A couple of days passed but still nothing happens. They keep ignoring each other pretending that they are stranger to each other.

A week later, Jerrick pretends to be very ill because he wants to know if Cheeckee still cares for him. Everything goes according to his plan. Cheeckee visits him one day at the hospital and cried for sorry. When he opens his eyes with a smile, he tells Cheeckee that everything is not real. Cheeckee is surprised that she slaps Jerrick hard on his face. Cheeckee is about to leave when Jerrick grasps her hand telling her not to go. “Please don’t leave me like before without telling you something I want to tell you.” Jerrick says in a trembling voice. “I’m very sorry, but this is the only thing I know to have a conversation with you. Cheeckee, I love you since we are on grade school.” Jerrick continued. Cheeckee look back to Jerrick. She is still crying. “What?” Cheeckee is surprised to hear what Jerrick says. “I hurriedly left that time because I don’t want you to see me crying. I love you too Jerrick. I’m just waiting for your first move.” A moment of silence follows. They stare each other for quite some time and suddenly Jerrick moves and seals Cheeckee with a long kiss. He knows himself that Cheeckee will never ever leave him again.