There are some similarities and differences between myself at present to myself when I was just a kid. Back when I was a kid, I always kissed both my parents on their cheek before I leave for school. It is the same as me today. Though I didn’t kiss them like before, I never fail showing them my love and care through a simple hug and respect. When I was a kid, I love to read books of different topics though I can’t understand any words written on it. I guess I’m still the same because I can sense that I have passion for books. Today I still read a lot especially when the examination day is ahead. When I was a kid, I am also religious. I never failed to pray to Him every night. Today, I still pray especially when I have serious problems that really worry me. When I was a kid, I stomped my feet whenever my parents asks me to do them a little favor. But today, I’m totally different. I am now obedient to every command of theirs. When I was a kid, I always lied and denied the fact or what really happens. Back then, whenever I had a failing grade in a quiz, I quickly crumbled and threw my paper to the trash can so that my parents will not see it. But today, I never ever do it. I always admit whenever I have failing grades. I always accept the consequences if it is really fault. There are tons of similarities and differences between today and yesterday. One could only notice it if he reflects, then compare and contrast.