For me, I am more like ants than grasshoppers. Ants are eager to search for food. They are industrious in order to find food for their own survival. Just like me, I am also eager to finish my study.  I am trying to be industrious in order to finish my paper works, assignments, projects and others just in time before the dead line. Ants are always prepared for the coming of typhoon. As long as the sun is shining, they don’t stop searching and collecting food. Same goes for me as I prepare myself to the possible problems that I may encounter. I am collecting courage and hope, by praying so that if the problem comes, I may have some ideas so solve it. Ants are organized in a way that they arrange themselves in a line to avoid chaos. I also arrange my things orderly to prevent the loss of my things. I also plan what I have to do the next day. This way, I could keep track of my activities and I could allot more time in reviewing if there is a quiz or examination ahead. Ants also show brotherhood and unity for they help each other for their survival. Just like me, I am trying to develop my social skills in order to make many friends. I am trying to help others if they have a problem. Grasshoppers, from the famous fable “The Ant and the Grasshopper”, are directly opposite to ants. They are mean and lazy. Maybe because their food is abundant so they don’t have to search for food. I know myself not to be lazy. I know I always strive harder and try my best to accomplish something. I know I am more like ants than grasshoppers.